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Quotes Talk 2

How much of fighting is mental?

"Everything. 100%. Everything starts mentally and goes from there."

-- Fedor Emelienenko


I'm writing this post with a bit of sadness, for Fedor, long the king of the heavyweights in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), has been officially deposed and exiled. Fedor went on an amazing run while fighting in Japan (coincidentally during the time I was living in Osaka). In a sport where the best struggle to win 5 contests in a row, Fedor won 31 of his first 32 fights, and the "loss" should not have counted. During his win streak, Fedor was known for an eerie calmness in all circumstances. Several times, he looked to be in a lot of trouble, but was able to recover and notch victories time and time again. He always seemed to manage his emotions and absolutely never panicked.

Unfortunately, time appears to have caught up with him, and he was trapped last summer in a submission for his first legitimate loss. Last weekend, he got beaten up badly by what many considered to be a decent but hardly amazing young fighter. If this is the last we've seen of the dominant Fedor, he'll be well remembered as physically talented, but his ability to stay calm and keep thinking under extreme pressure is what made him the best heavyweight of all time.

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